Meet The Branded Creation Team

Most people land on this page when they are looking to peek behind the curtain and see who is leading the charge at a company. Our passion is talking about and learning more about our clients; so talking about ourselves puts us a little outside our comfort zone (crazy since we slay imaginary marketing dragons for a living, I know).

We know people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. Enjoy the next few paragraphs so you can get to know The Branded Creation team. Hopefully by the end, you will also see that we are pretty likeable and definitely trustworthy.

We're not your average marketing agency... obviously...we have a dragon in our logo. All of this is by design. The dragon, our font choices, the style of our writing is all meant to convey to you that we do things a little differently than the other agencies. In order for our solutions to be effective and help grow your business, we have to bring a different perspective to the table. 

We live by the Albert Einstein quote:

"If you want different results, do not do the same things."

That's it. We do what we do to provide the biggest growth potential for our clients. Our success only comes if our clients are successful in achieving meaningful results. 

​Anthony Carpenter


Anthony ​is dedicated to helping his customers increase brand recognition and grow their company. Anthony has worked in the print, promotion and apparel industry for 5 years  During this time, he has been extremely engaged with his customers to help them shorten their sales cycles, while increasing sales as a whole. Additionally, Anthony is a Captain at the Community Volunteer Fire Department, where he is the Director of EMS Training and Clinical Services. Anthony started his Emergency Response Career at 16 as a Lifeguard for Galveston County Sheriff Beach Patrol and has been a Paramedic, a Flight Paramedic an EMS instructor and a Fire Fighter. Anthony Currently serves, as the Chair for the newly formed Maverick PAC Fort Bend Chapter and as Treasurer of the Greater Katy Republicans.